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Union Gas
Phone:  1-888-774-3111

New residential customers have 3 choices:

Deposit of 2 highest months of the year for that property (minimum $250) held for 2 years then returned with interest  -or-

Agree to equal billing on automatic payment plan for a period of 2 years   -or-

Provide a utility referral letter from another supplier if relocating from another city or province


Reliance Home Comfort  (Division of Union Energy)
Phone:  1-866-735-4262
Fax: 1-877-267-7903

For rental sales and service, heating and cooling equipment.  Residential resales will be billed $30.00 administration fee on first bill (not applicable on new construction)

Water Heater rental charges are assumable $7.00-$22.00

Furnaces/Air Conditioners are also rented in some cases and would also be assumable


London Hydro
Phone:  519-661-5503
Fax:  519-661-5838

As a condition of service, all new London Hydro residential accounts are required to provide a Security Deposit. Your deposit for residential service will be assessed on your first bill. The deposit will cover the utilities you are billed for by London Hydro, including electricity and, if applicable, water.

Methods of Security Deposit
You have two options regarding how you can make your deposit payment.
Cash or cheque (with interest credited to your London Hydro account annually)

Exemptions From Security Deposit
All new customers who have a continuous one year (12 month) Good Payment History (one year Good Payment History had to occur within the last 24 months) with either London Hydro, another Local Distribution Company or Gas Utility in Canada . To maintain exemption status your account must remain in "good standing".

All new customers, at the customer's expense, may provide an external credit check from a credit bureau that demonstrates they are a good credit risk.


St. Thomas Energy
Phone: 519-631-5550
Fax: 519-631-4771

The maximum amount of the security deposit that a customer is required to pay is calculated using:
• 2.5 times the estimated bill based on the customer’s average monthly load with S.T.E.I. in the most recent 12 consecutive months within the last two years.
• Where relevant usage information is not available for the customer for 12 consecutive months within the past two years, the customer’s average monthly load shall be based on a reasonable estimate made by S.T.E.I.
• Where a customer has a payment history which discloses more than one disconnection notice in a relevant 12 month period, S.T.E.I. may use the customer’s highest actual or estimated monthly load for the most recent 12 consecutive months within the past 2 years for the purposes of calculating the maximum amount of the security deposit.


Woodstock Hydro
Phone:  519-537-3488
Fax: 519-537-5081

Whenever required by the Distributor, the Customer shall provide and maintain security as specified in the Distribution System Code. The Distributor shall require security amounts based on the existing security and deposit policies.
Where a customer proposes the development of premises that requires the Distributor to place equipment orders for special projects, the customer is required to sign the necessary Supply Agreements and furnish a suitable deposit before such equipment is ordered by the Distributor. If an expansion or enhancement of the distribution system is required to facilitate a connection, the LDC may need to perform an Economic Evaluation to establish the capital contribution required from the Customer. The Customer should review the Distribution Connection Process on their website for further information.


Erie Thames Power
Phone:  (519) 485-1820
Toll Free:  1-877-850-3128
Fax:  (519) 485-5838

 Please visit website for information pertaining to rates and security deposits

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