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Remaining objective can be a difficult task when viewing homes or an open house. It is easy to fall in love with a home's appearance, blind to problems that may make it unsuitable. Here is a handy checklist we've compiled to assist you in your home viewing.


Home is clean  and uncluttered


Lawns are cut


Walls are clean and free of chipping


Paint job on walls is in good shape


Ceilings and walls are free of stains and bulges


No loose grout or caulking around bathroom and kitchen tiles


No crumbling grout or caulking around bathroom and kitchen tiles     


Lights work well


Faucets work well


Toilets work well


Furnace and air conditioning work well


Major appliances included with sale work well


No soft, springy sections in floors


No excessive squeaking in floors


Doors fit snugly and operate smoothly


Windows fit snugly and operate smoothly


No drafts


No flaked paint


No loose caulking


There is enough storage space on each floor


I looked behind all closed doors


I looked behind suspiciously placed wall coverings


I looked under area rugs

Also, take note of storage space. If you are moving from a home with large closets and a shed, make sure your new house is able to store an equivalent amount of belongings.

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